Voice Activated Free SMS

Whatever next – Free unlimited SMS (in the US) that’s voice activated! This is an app for the iPhone from Voice Text Pro and is available from the iTunes store.

Once the Voice Text Pro app has been launched you say the contact name and the text message that you want to send, then all you have to do is hit the send button.

Free Voice Activated SMS App

Free Voice Activated SMS App for the iPhone

The app comes with templates of text messages but you can add your own, and combine text messages together – there is a ‘Say More’ button.

However, it’s not strictly an SMS app as texts are sent over email gateways, but arrive at the destination mobile as an SMS. If people reply to you, you will receive the replies as an email.

The app offers free unlimited SMS in the US, and most US carriers are supported.

Cost of the app is $4.99

Get the app from the iTunes Store

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