SMS Jokes

The web is awash with hilarious text messages – funny sms jokes you can send to your mates to brighten their day.

So I thought I’d prepare for you a funny sms or three, all in one place, and all edited to be the funniest text messages ever!

The rest is up to you. You can send these text message jokes using your mobile phone (or cellphone). Or you can send ’em via one of those free sms sites online. But you must send them, or I will go from being happy 🙂 to sad 🙁 and it will ALL be your fault! Hee hee.

Okay, on with the hilarious text messages. Oh, and if you don’t think these are the funniest text messages you’ve ever read then please do get in touch. You can contact me via this e-mail address Hah-hah at YouGottaBeKiddingMe dot com…

Example Funny SMS Messages

  • What’s the diff btwn stress, tension and panic? Strss is whn ur wife pregnant, tension whn ur gf pregnant and panic is whn BOTH pregnant!
  • How do u keep an idiot amused? Well – and bring ur phone closer! – watch… this… message… until… it goes away!
  • Right now, all ovr the wrld, 33% of people now sleeping, 25% wrking or stdying, 29% watching TV/movie, 13% eating, and 1 BOZO now holding mobile in his hand.

Haha, that’s just so funny – especially that last funny text sms message! Or maybe you don’t have a sense of humour? Huh, buddy? Have you thought it might be that?… 😉

Just kiddin’! We all have a sense of humour. And pretty much our sense of humour is unique to each of us. So that’s why I’m going to include a few more hilarious text messages below, to see if ‘they’ tickle your funny bone.

Yep, some more free funny text messages – ah, the joy of free!…

More Example Text Message Jokes

  • I wnt U 2 know that our friendship means a lot. Whn U cry, I cry. Whn U laugh, I laugh. And whn U jump out the window… I look down and then… I laugh again!
  • Dearly befriended! Do u take me 2 b ur lawful texted mate, 2 have n 2 hold, 2 read dirty quotes n saucy jokes, in txt messaging n poor signal, till low battery do us part?

Ah, I do hope you enjoyed at least one of these hilarious text messages, one of these funny sms listed above. And if you did, please, please do share them with a friend or three. I’m sure you’ll make their day.

Be seein’ u!

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