Promotional Codes for your Mobile Phone

A guest post by Darren Williams

Long gone are the good ol’ days of actually picking up a telephone device, tapping in the numbers and actually speaking to someone. Crazy concept I hear you cry! If you need to get in touch and stay in touch with friends, family or your boss when you are pulling a Monday morning sickie(!) then the art of text messaging is the way forward. The global phenomenon of SMS technology has since exploded and integrated itself into our everyday lives, and dependant on your network provider and the contract deal you have, the price of sending text messages can be hugely costly.

Unless you have managed to threaten your mobile phone company of cancelling your contract and leaving them for their competitor (hence wangling a dirt cheap contract package in exchange for your scare tactics, of which I do not advocate for the record!) and you are a text-a-holic like myself, you may be paying a few extra pennies each month which could be saved for far more satisfying purchases like new shoes, biscuits, roller skates (delete as appropriate!) screenshot

Promotionalcodes website

The current economic climate has been struggling of late and so I do not have to remind you of the importance of trying to stay financially afloat. At you will be able to find free money saving discount codes from leading brands to help preserve the cash in your back pocket for all you ‘add to basket’ online shoppers! Why pay full price when you can take advantage of offers and deals designed to keep consumers in the bank manager’s good books!

If you are keen to find a bargain for your mobile phone whether that is phone bundles or an attractive SMS deal, you should check out the ‘Mobile Phones’ category on the site and use and abuse the promotional codes and offers as you will. SMS technology is the simplest but most effective mode of communication, so why not make it the cheapest too!

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