Messagey – SMS in the US for Free

Messagey is another app for the iPhone and iPod Touch which lets you send free sms to cell phones in the US for free. At the moment they have an offer which means that if you download the app and sign up, you get three month’s free sms.

Messagey screenshot

Messagey screenshot

You can add customised backgrounds to each message, and even use photos that you’ve taken with the iPhone camera as a background image. And, you can receive replies.

If you continue to use the service after your initial free three months, it’s inexpensive to use. You pay $0.08 per month and that includes unlimited texts every month. Texts can be sent over a mobile network and a wifi network.

With the iPod Touch you have to be in a wifi zone to use the app.

In the future the service may be extended to other countries.

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or visit the Messagey website directly:

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