How to Find a Free SMS Service for Your Country

Using to find Free SMS Services

We quite often receive comments from users telling us that they can’t find a free sms service at TextMeFree for the country that they want to send a text message to. So, I want to quickly outline how we categorise free sms services at

Services are listed by country – the country where you can send sms to.

For example, if you are living in Canada and want to send a free text message to someone in the UK, then you need to use one of the services listed in our UK category.

1. Visit and you will see, in the left-hand menu, a list of continents:

The continent menu

The continent menu

2. Click on the relevant continent to find a submenu of all the countries that we currently list free sms services for.

This is the result of clicking on the Europe menu link, and shows a list of countries in Europe that we have free sms services for, with the number of services in brackets for each country:

europe category

List of European countries with free sms listings

3. Click on the country that you want to send an sms to, and you will see a page that contains all the free sms services we have listed for that country (in some cases there will be more than one page of listings so you will need to click through to the next pages).

The page below is for UK Free SMS:

UK listings page

Page listing UK free sms services

Each listing shows a brief review of the service. Click on the name of the service to read the full review and find the link to the free sms website.

4. There are countries where we don’t have any free sms services listed, that’s because we don’t know of any and they probably don’t exist. On the relevant continent page, these countries will have the number zero after them in brackets, e.g. Ethiopia (0).

What to do if the country you’re looking for doesn’t have any free sms services listed?

You can still send a free sms!

If the country you are looking for doesn’t have any free text messaging services listed at, go to our Worldwide Services category. You will find this link on the home page, or right here: Worldwide Free SMS Services.

The Worldwide Services category lists free sms services that let you send free sms to any country in the world. Some examples of these are Wadja, Bulk SMS Services, SMSCity, SMSteroid, Airclub, and that’s just a few – in total there are currently 49 worldwide sms services listed.

Here are the links to our continent categories so you can get started and send some free text messages:

Middle East
South Asia

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