FunMail – Free MMS

FunMail s a free, visual text messaging app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry. Using the app you can send texts with images attached (MMS), and it also works texting to Facebook and Twitter.

FunMail screenshot

When texting from the app you will be shown image options that match the content of your texts, and you can simply click to include them. FunMail’s ‘Media Brain’ learns as you text.

You can also contribute to the FunMail media library to have your own images and photos available to other FunMail users.

FunMail is available for download at iTunes.

Or visit the FunMail website:


FunTweet is an additional service which lets you do much the same for your Twitter tweets. From the FunTweet website log in with your Twitter account details, and you will then see your tweets with matching images. Search again if you don’t like the images you see or tweet them.


2 Responses to FunMail – Free MMS

  1. Ryan Leach April 30, 2010 at 4:00 pm #

    The FunMail 2.0 update went live on iPhone and Android this week. The big updates are that users can now send just a normal text message along with the standard picture message; it uses Push Notifications so iPod Touch users are able to download it; and users can now reply directly to a FunMail instead of having to click on a link.

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