Free Messaging App for Blackberry, iPhone & Android

Not exactly SMS but effectively it’s the same – you can send free messages between mobile devices with Kik. It’s an app that’s proved so popular that it had 1 million downloads within fifteen days of launching.

This is not a computer based system, it works directly from mobiles and is compatible with the Blackberry, iPhone, iPod and Android. The app has however recently been pulled from Blackberry App World, and we’ll have to wait to see if it reappears.

Kik screenshot

The Kik Messenger will tell you when your message has been received and even when it’s been read. It will also let you know when someone is typing back to you – just like a computer-based messaging system.

It gives free unlimited messaging worldwide and between different brands of  smartphones, you just have to become a member and install the app.

This app uses data transfer so be careful when overseas as roaming charges will apply unless you’re using wi-fi. The Kik website gives good information on how to use the app and what data transfer charges are likely to be.

The main benefits of this app is that you will know if your message has been received, unlike some free text services.

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