Keeping in Touch with Australia by Free SMS

The Guan - Adelaide to Darwin railway journey

The Guan - Adelaide to Darwin railway journey

Our eminent founder of, Steve Nash, is visiting Australia, and right now he’s enjoying one of the 10 great train journeys of the world – from Adelaide to Darwin.

What has this got to do with free text messaging? Well, I am aiming to keep in contact with him by free text message on the other side of the globe, and to tell you which free sms providers I’ve found to be the most reliable. Meaning texts have arrived, and they have arrived quickly.

Steve has a UK mobile phone with him, and I’m sending texts from my computer (I’m based in Spain).

My first choice was Their text messages are easy to send because you can store contact names and phone numbers in your account, and you are given a few free sms credits every day. The texts arrived very quickly – I know because he replied. They do have a text advert appended to the end of texts, but you get plenty of characters for your own message and most importantly – it works.

However, after a few days I ran out of credits, and although I do get a few credits every day it wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to buy extra credits, so I am exploring elsewhere, however I do go back to SMScity daily to use up my credits as I know these texts arrive.

I’ve used this service before for sending free sms to the UK, and to UK mobile phones that are in Spain, and in all cased the SMS have arrived.

With this site there is no need to register and you can send unlimited SMS to UK mobile phones with 133 characters. The only limit is that there is a delay of a minute or two between being able to send the next text.

The thing is, I haven’t heard back from Steve following sending free sms from, so I’ll keep you updated on this one. It may not work in Australia (or he could be asleep).

On going…

While Steve is travelling I will continue to update this post and will write a summary of the services I’m using, I’ll also write a summary of the best SMS services and their performance once he’s returned.

Much of Australia has no mobile coverage!

Well it turns out that Steve has been out of coverage for quite a few days, so no sms have been delivered to him – free or paid for! It’s a big place Australia and he’s been visiting those remote areas such as Uluru and crossing the desert. Now he’s in Kakadu, another area without mobile coverage, doh!

Within Australia Free SMS

There are some free sms services to Australia that I couldn’t use because they only accept registration from Australian users (you have to give an Australian mobile phone number when you register). This meant that I couldn’t use or Another service,, lets you send free texts from outside of Australia but only to Australian mobiles, and Steve has a UK mobile phone with him. turned out to be a success. After registering, and they do want quite a bit of information when you register, I had 28 free sms available on the first day even though SMSfun state that you get 10 free sms per day. You have to register a mobile phone as a code is sent to it in order to activate your account. Their phone book is useful for storing numbers too.

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